Take a journey with Rich Palmer as he navigates the road to a professional voice talent career.  Whether you are curious about the journey or you are a VO talent starting out, you may find that the bumps, potholes, & heavy curves are worth the trip.


image of Rich at the radio control board WBST-FM in 1985
Rich at WBST-FM (1985)

Join Rich Palmer on his trip toward a professional voice talent career. Whether you are simply curious about the journey or you are also navigating this road yourself, you may find that the bumps, potholes, and dangerous curves are worth the adventure.

Rich has worked in creative roles his entire life. With a degree in broadcasting and years of experience in audio/visual production, he is returning to his passion for creating valuable content to benefit others.

mage of Rich Palmer

His background in radio, combined with more than three decades of public relations, media affairs, and training development in government, non-profit and commercial environments helps Rich understand many of the needs of potential clients. Rich has been a podcast producer and host since 2005. This is the first time he shares his personal accounts of what it’s like to work toward a successful career.

Visit Rich’s site at RichPalmer.com