Take a journey with Rich Palmer as he navigates the road to a professional voice talent career.  Whether you are curious about the journey or you are a VO talent starting out, you may find that the bumps, potholes, & heavy curves are worth the trip.

You have work sitting and waiting for you as you nurse your voice back to health. What is your go-to method for getting past the sore throat, the congestion, the drainage, the heavy chest congestion?

Rich explores this challenge and shares some things he found on a (very old) post from adeliestudios.com. Also, he talks about this Lo-Han-Kuo Chinese Tea. It has been a nice solution to dry, scratchy throat for him, as well as a way to help eliminate some of those annoying “mouth sounds.”

And Rich uses Alkolol as a gargle to remove congestion before he sings at each of his band’s performances. He also uses it as a sinus rinse (think neti-pot) a few times a month to help stave off the uggies.

What are your thoughts?

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