Take a journey with Rich Palmer as he navigates the road to a professional voice talent career.  Whether you are curious about the journey or you are a VO talent starting out, you may find that the bumps, potholes, & heavy curves are worth the trip.

What Do You Do?

You’re at a network function and someone looks at your business name on your nametag. It says, “VO” or “voiceover.” They look at you quizically and ask, “What do you do?” How do you answer that? Do you break down all of the things a voice actor does? Do you give your brand statement? Are you thinking about their business and how you can serve them before you answer?

Rich explores this challenge and also talks about some of his activities over the past few weeks. Rich would love to hear your thoughts on this show. Or your responses to the questions he asks during the narrative. Be a guest on the show! Use the contact form to submit your interest.

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