Take a journey with Rich Palmer as he navigates the road to a professional voice talent career.  Whether you are curious about the journey or you are a VO talent starting out, you may find that the bumps, potholes, & heavy curves are worth the trip.

Get Your Plan Together

So you’ve decided to become a voiceover artist. Much like Rich, you might like the process of recording and producing audio. Perhaps you enjoy telling stories and narrating audiobooks. Maybe you’re excited about the opportunity to work for yourself. Well, there it is. To work for one’s self implies that one has a business. If it’s a business, then it needs a plan.

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Rich talks briefly about some ways to organize your thoughts and your activities, how to determine the value of the plan, and of course, he nudges you toward finding out what drives you. What is your WHY? Why do you do what you do?

Links discussed:

The Ivy Lee Method for organization and planning

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