Take a journey with Rich Palmer as he navigates the road to a professional voice talent career.  Whether you are curious about the journey or you are a VO talent starting out, you may find that the bumps, potholes, & heavy curves are worth the trip.

Rich Palmer begins his journey on the Road to VO giving a bit of background about himself, the purpose of the show, and a brief overview of a book he is reading by Celia Siegel called Voiceover Achiever – Build Your VO Career. Change Your Life.

This show is decidedly produced for those who have an interest in what it takes to establish a career as a voice artist. For those already involved in the business, it can help to re-establish the value of some of the foundations. Guests on the show will be persons that have value to share — either as a mentor or expert in the field — or as VO novices sharing their experiences alongside Rich on the journey.

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